“It may be said that vaccination and inoculation have saved many lives… but to fill one’s body with death, as a means of warding off death, is unscriptural and unscientific.

Dr. E. J. Waggoner

PTUK, October 5, 1899, page 640.4

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

Dr. Benjamin Rush

“There are more who die from the use of drugs than all who would have died of disease had nature been left to do her own work.” | “Medicine deranges nature’s fine machinery, and breaks down the constitution. It kills, but never cures.”

Ellen G. White



Chapter 36 — Drugs


“Many, instead of seeking to remove the poisonous matter from the system, take a more deadly poison into the system to remove a poison already there.”

“Many parents substitute drugs for judicious nursing.”


Mode of Action

Drugs never cure disease; they only change its form and location…. When drugs are introduced into the system, for a time they seem to have a beneficial effect. A change may take place, but the disease is not cured. It will manifest itself in some other form…. The disease which the drug was given to cure may disappear, but only to reappear in a new form, such as skin diseases, ulcers, painful, diseased joints, and sometimes in a more dangerous and deadly form…. Nature keeps struggling, and the patient suffers with different ailments, until there is a sudden breaking down in her efforts, and death follows.”

Every additional drug given to the patient… will complicate the case, and make the patient’s recovery more hopeless…. An evil, simple in the beginning, which nature aroused herself to overcome, and which she would have done if left to herself, aided by the common blessings of Heaven, has been made tenfold worse by introducing drug poisons into the system, which cause of themselves a destructive disease, forcing into extraordinary action the remaining life forces to war against and overcome the drug intruder.”

“Sick people who take drugs do appear to get well. With some there is sufficient life force for nature to draw upon to so far expel the poison from the system that the sick, having a period of rest, recover. But no credit should be allowed the drugs taken, for they only hindered nature in her efforts. All the credit should be ascribed to nature’s restorative powers.”

Powerful poisons are often administered, which fetter nature in all her friendly efforts to recover from the abuse the system has suffered.”


Results of Drug Medication

Drugging should be forever abandoned; for while it does not cure any malady, it enfeebles the system, making it more susceptible to disease.”

“There are more who die from the use of drugs than all who would have died of disease had nature been left to do her own work.”

Medicines have no power to cure, but will most generally hinder nature in her efforts.”

Medicine deranges nature’s fine machinery, and breaks down the constitution. It kills, but never cures.”

“The endless variety of medicines in the market, the numerous advertisements of new drugs and mixtures, all of which claim to do wonderful cures, kill hundreds where they benefit one…. Yet people keep dosing, and continue to grow weaker until they die. Some will have medicine at all events. Then let them take these hurtful mixtures and the various deadly poisons upon their own responsibility. God’s servants should not administer medicines which they know will leave behind injurious effects upon the system, even if they do relieve present suffering. Every poisonous preparation in the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, taken into the system, will leave its wretched influence, affecting the liver and lungs, and deranging the system generally.”

“The sick are in a hurry to get well, and the friends of the sick are impatient. They will have medicine, and if they do not feel that powerful influence upon their systems which their erroneous views lead them to think they should feel, they impatiently change to another physician. The change often increases the evil. They go through a course of medicine equally as dangerous as the first, and more fatal, because the two treatments do not agree, and the system is poisoned beyond remedy.”

“Although the patient may recover, yet the powerful effort nature was required to make to over-come the poison, injured the constitution, and shortened the life of the patient. There are many who do not die under the influence of drugs, but there are very many who are left useless wrecks, hopeless, gloomy, and miserable sufferers, a burden to themselves and to society.”

“Everywhere you go you will see deformity, disease, and imbecility, which in very many cases can be traced directly back to drug poisons.”

Drugs given to stupefy, whatever they may be, derange the nervous system.”

What follows is a transcription of an anonymous, undated article about vaccination found online in its original form at the Ellen White Estate in early December 2021. At times the writing was indecipherable, so possible wording has been suggested (in brackets). The document is identified as Q&A 34-E-2, ID 9999. It may have been written in the mid-1960s, since 1963 is the most recent date cited in the article, or it may simply be that the reference books cited are what the author had on his/her bookshelf for an unknown number of years. Quoting both God’s Word and the writings of Ellen White, the author has built a strong and thorough case for the wisdom of following God’s health principles, rather than man’s.